Our path to sustainability

Now more than ever, we recognise that we must do more to support climate action, so we are committed to reducing our impact on the planet. Throughout our journey, we will share with you what we’ve achieved, as well as our plans to be more sustainable in the future.

 From harnessing solar power and harvesting rainwater to using green electricity and improving our waste streams, our aim is to become Carbon Neutral by 2026. We have already taken many steps to achieving this goal.


We place climate at the heart of our community, reflecting on our business practices and continually looking for ways we can treat our planet with the greatest respect. We acknowledge that the handling of our waste is a priority in our mission to invest in the health of our planet, and we make a conscious effort to reduce, re-use and recycle across all our products.

We are dedicated to improving the way we handle our waste and reducing it’s impacts on the planet. Here’s what we have already done and our plans for the future…


Our vision is to send absolutely nothing to landfill. We are thoughtful about the waste that we create and ensure that we recycle everything that we possibly can. We already recycle plastic, cardboard, metal, food, oil, glass and wood.

We are proud to partner with a Yorkshire based intelligent waste management company, Footprint, finding progressive solutions to ensure we reduce the impact our waste has on the planet.

We take our responsibilities very seriously and whilst we are making great strides with waste management, we know we are not quite there yet.


All our leftover food waste converted into renewable energy. In 2021, all our leftovers generated 4020.3kw hours of renewable energy – that’s enough to power the average home for 393 days!

Every drop of waste oil, used in our kitchens, is collected and recycled locally into Biodiesel.

Whether it’s bottles of wine, juice or water, 100% of glass waste, generated in our restaurants, is recycled right here in Yorkshire! Every bottle we recycle equates to twenty minutes of power for a television.


“We only use compostable packaging that’s made from plants for our take away food. Be it Blooms Kitchen, The Garden Room or Grass Hoppers, we’re giving back to the planet with packaging that puts nutrients back into the soil through industrial composting.”


We make it our priority to be mindful about our waste, reducing wherever possible. Offering a range of packaging solutions from cardboard boxes, plant trays and even re-using bubble wrap in our gift hampers.

We are continually reviewing our packaging options, already making the switch to compostable take away solutions across all our restaurants.


Rather than simply choosing to offset our emissions, we’re looking to invest in our future by limiting our reliance on fossil fuels in the first instance. Investment in renewable energy sources will be a large part of this, with 1,200 solar panels on Tingley’s roof, we are generating enough to power over 200 homes each year! 

We are dedicated to increasing water resilience and aim to reduce our mains water usage year on year. We are well on the way to switching to renewable energy and natural resourcing, pledging to continue to improve, expand and invest in the best resources available.

Look up! Our roof at Tingley has 1,200 solar panels that capture the sun’s energy to create electricity. We top up this natural energy source throughout the year by using only green electricity!

We’ve switched all our lighting to LED bulbs, not only do they use less electricity and last up to 10 times longer than standard bulbs, they are designed to be 100% recyclable. What’s more, we have installed motion sensor lighting in our team facilities and offices.

Electric Vehicle Charging

When Tingley Garden Centre opened, we wanted to make sure we went the extra mile to reach our goal of becoming a more sustainable business. Located just off the M62, this was an excellent opportunity to increase the offering of electric vehicle charging stations around the Wakefield and Leeds area.

Compleo, a leading manufacturer of quality AC and DC charging stations, supplied 54 electric vehicle charging units along with 2 rapid charging units, which we’re thrilled to announce are the first to be in the UK!


Our focus has been to create a robust sustainability roadmap and explore the actions we will take to be Carbon Neutral by 2026. Appointing a full time Sustainability Lead, Steph, our route to this goal has never been clearer.

At the heart of the changes we make will always be our team, our culture and our values. Here at Yorkshire Garden Centres we take great responsibility for own actions, making sure we deliver on our promises! The care our team have for the environment, our community and the planet give us great confidence we will achieve our Climate and Community goals.


Through engagement, collective thinking and sustainable strategy, our Sustainability Committee will promote enhancements to operations, re-educate our teams and drive the positive changes we are making.

Our team of environmentally conscious leaders regularly come together to review our progress and create future plans. The whole team take great pride in contributing and adopting ‘sustainable thinking’ at the heart of our decision making.

Carbon Literacy Training

The team at Yorkshire Garden Centres is celebrating after becoming the first garden centre group to accredit our own Carbon Literacy Training.

The Carbon Literacy Project is based on the premise that, in order to cut carbon emissions by the kind of reductions demanded by science, then the culture needs to change alongside technology.


As a responsible retailer, we fully support the reduction of peat used in horticulture. We will aim to ensure that our customers are given an increasing and informed choice of sustainable and peat free gardening alternatives, as well as advice and knowledge about the use and performance of peat free growing media.

Our Four Pillars

We care passionately about how we do business and are proud to have a robust ‘Climate and Community’ commitment through our FOUR PILLARS that details our pathway to sustainability, the active role we play in our local community and the caring culture we have created for our people.


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